Top 3 crypto mixers for 100% anonymous transfers

Plenty of Bitcoin mixers are available, but not all are the same, so choosing one is difficult. Here is a list of the most trusted crypto mixers.

Crypto mixer for complete anonymity

One of the main factors contributing to the development of cryptocurrency is anonymity. At the same time, the reasons why the owners of electronic money want to remain anonymous can be different: the desire to keep the state of the account secret, the purchase of anonymous digital data, the reluctance to become a victim of bank fraud when making transactions online, etc. But it is worth knowing that you cannot completely hide data about yourself since blockchain technology publicly stores the history of all transfers. Another name for blockchain is distributed ledger technology, and you cannot delete a record from this database, only add new ones.

The most reliable services: 3 best alternatives

There are many different mixers in the cryptocurrency market today. According to the review, we have determined 3 of the most popular platforms:

  • YoMix

This crypto mixer has its reserve fund to clear money instantly. However, setting a delay time for a high degree of anonymization is better. The delay time is from 1 to 24 hours, and it is set during generating a cleaning request.

  • money

On the service, bitcoin is cleared according to the unique bitcoin. mixer 2.0 algorithm, which is the mixer’s development. The degree of protection depends on the mode selected by the user. The site can also be used through the TOR browser.

  • PrivCoin

Professionals develop this service and allow users to mix also Ethereum and Litecoin coins. At the same time, the platform enables the buyer to send one type of electronic money for cleaning and receive another. For example, you can send Bitcoin coins to the site and accept Litecoin.